Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kreative Blogger Award

Many moons ago, my good friend Eleni bestowed this award on me, and finally now all that medical stuff is over and done with, I’ve got time to accept the challenge.

What challenge?

I’m going to tell you 7 fun and interesting things about myself. Fun? Interesting? Hmmm.... well here goes.

1. I was born at Peninsula Animal Aid and two of the four puppies in my litter died unexpectedly at 11 weeks old. Mum was out running one day and ran into the man who took the other surviving puppy, whose name is Max. He is very good looking (just like me).

2. I like dry Weet-Bix, straight from the box. If forced, I will eat them with milk.

3. I did my cruciate leaping off the retaining wall near the clothes line, while protecting the family home from the little dogs next door. This has resulted in ongoing problems, four different plaster casts (like the red one in the photo above), years confined to the garage while it healed and a new fence halfway across the yard to stop all further access to the retaining wall.

4. I have never figured out how to jump up into the car. Can put the front paws up on the seat, but the back paws need help every time.

5. I have a red and black tartan dog jumper that looks very David Jones/Myer and keeps me toasty warm in winter.

6. I am in love with Margaret across the road and the A-team at the vet – Jenny, Tricia and Jacqui. And especially Lindsey, my doggie physio, who got me walking again.

7. I have learnt to roll over onto my back so vets and vet physios can look at my bung leg. When I was learning, Mum used to sing me a song for rolling over. It goes like this:

There were ten in the bed and the little one said

Roll over

Roll over

And they all rolled over and one fell out.

I’m sure you know the song. Anyway I’ll let you in on a secret. I can roll over all by myself, no singing involved. But Mum thinks I can only roll if she sings. So every time we go to the vet, I make her sing… It makes my tail wag every time I think of it.

OK so that's me done. Now I'm meant to nominate 7 others to do this. But I don’t know any other dogs that blog. So if you think you’d like to take up the challenge, feel free to accept the Kreative blogger award on my behalf.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Third Check Up - 1st March 2010

The first day of Autumn dawned rainy and bleak - unfortunately it was the day of my third check up. I spent the morning curled in a ball, saving my strength for my afternoon and the trip in the car. Mum spent the morning buying Misty another bed, after yet another mattress has gone to dog heaven, courtesy of Misty.

Dr Rod nearly didn't recognise me - I've done such a good job growing hair on my nose. The pink skin where my scab was is gradually closing over and going black again. My lip is also healing nicely, and inside my mouth looks great. Tiny whiskers are pushing their way through and by next check up I should have a fabulous covering of hair. All white.

But, since last check up I grew two lumps - one fist sized bulge on my side and a small pea sized lump near my front leg. Dr Rod got me to lie down and before I knew what was happening I was having needle biopsies on each lump. Within five minutes we had the good news - they are fatty lumps, not cancer. Mum and Dad are very relieved.

We went to the farm on the weekend. I love the farm - lots of fresh air, exercise and best of all - a collection of bones to chew (which is what I was doing in the background when Mum took the photo of us above). Mum walked us all the way to the Mt Lindsay Road on Saturday - a very long walk for a dog. It rained all the way back, and its been raining on and off ever since. We did manage a quick walk to the travelling stock reserve on Sunday, but no walks to the river this trip. Mum says we have new cows, and that Misty and I aren't allowed to chase them, so we didn't have any unsupervised exploring time.

All this rain makes for good sleeping weather. Yawn, stretch. I probably should get back to it...