Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Torn Cruciate

Hi Everyone

Well, its September and I have tried really hard to forget about being sick, so I've neglected my blog. Anyway I was booked in for my nine month checkup - complete with chest xrays to look for secondaries. Two weeks before the appointment, I hurt my leg - the right front leg - so bad I wouldn't put it on the floor. Mum and Dad thought it might have been something to do with the back legs and took me to the physio.

My fabulous physio couldn't find anything, so she sent me to the vet. At first Mum didn't understand why everyone was looking SO worried, but then she understood - everyone was worried about a bone cancer. So I was given pain relief, sent to bed and told to come back in a few days for xrays. Cut a long story short - we bought my chest xrays forward and xray'd my front legs, and I met my new vet - Dr Bruce - who does orthopaedics. He said there was nothing to see in the way of cancer, but some signs of arthritis. Mum and Dad were told to take me home, give me no medication and free exercise and see what happened.

Well, day five of this regime, I couldn't hide it anymore. The real problem was my right rear, and I had a cruciate tear. So, back to Dr Bruce who did a really cool operation called a TTA. Now this is my second cruciate op, and has gone so much better than the first one. No plaster, a special pain relief patch and already I am doing toilet walks every four hours and I am raring to go. Mum has set me up in the crate/playpen in the garage until I am a bit more steady on the legs. I get my stitches out on Monday and I start physio on Wednesday.

Here's some photos of me the day after I came home from hospital.