Sunday, September 16, 2012

September 2012 Checkup - 30 months Cancer free

Spring has sprung and I had my September cancer check. The good news is my fibrosarcoma site is clear - no sign of any recurrence. But I did have to go to hospital - I had two worrying things. The first was a lump down the back end that was worryingly close to my original melanoma and the second was a series of lipomas (fat-filled lumps) across my chest that was making walking difficult.

I went to Dr Rod's vet hospital and they took three lipomas and one bottom lump and I came home same day, with all of my drains and a compression stocking suit to stop me getting a lot of swelling around my chest stitches. I've been on bed rest ever since.

The good news - the bottom lump was a benign adenoma, the lipomas (weight around 1kg total) are benign and I'm walking a lot better with them gone. Mum and Dad said I had some "work done" and a "boob job" but I don't know what they mean.

You'll notice in my photos I have a constant companion while I've been in the crate. Misty has been lost without me, so much so that she has also confined herself to the garage. Even when Mum boots her out, she wants to be straight back in. She's a great little sister (except when she steals my treats).

Tomorrow I have my recheck and if its all clear, I'm off bed rest. Wish me luck.