Sunday, October 14, 2012

Happy Twelfth Birthday - 11th October 2012

I love October!

It's my birthday and even better - I get to have my birthday when I'm on holidays. It's great.

My mum and dad found this spectacular pet friendly holiday house in Hervey Bay and this year we've got two weeks at the beach. In the mornings I wake everyone up at normal time (5.15am, thanks Gromit :-(  ), mum takes Misty over to Aunty Allison's while I keep dad company for breakfast. Then we hop in the car to go pick up mum and Misty. Sometimes, dad sneaks in a walk to the beach for me while Misty is gone.

In the afternoons, the beach at the end of the lane is dog-friendly and we go for a sniff and a walk and a paddle. It's great.

This year I had a lunch birthday party - cheerios, cold meat, sandwiches, salad (yuk) and cake. It was great. Here I am enjoying my cake.

I even managed to dig myself a hole in the garden to sleep off my birthday feast. I love birthdays.

Mum says I'm really good for twelve. I'm cancer free and I'm recovering from my recent surgery really well and I'm walking twice a day - its just a bit slower than it used to be. My nose can still pick a dog treat at 100 paces and dad has figured out that no matter how slowly and carefully he opens the biscuits (or how flat out asleep I am) I'll still hear the crinkle of the packet and come to investigate.

Misty is FINALLY starting to grow up. Here's a photo of us chilling after a big walk.