Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Four years since diagnosis - December 2013

Hi everyone

I can't believe its been four years since that yucky oral fibrosarcoma. I had my four year check up and while my mouth is clear, I've had some other things happen.

Last time I had my liver checked, there was a spot on it and Dr Rod said it couldn't be biopsied. Well, I've just had another ultrasound to check it, and its still there. We are leaving that one alone. Knowing what it is won't change anything, except give us something to worry about. It's not causing any problems.

Since August, I've heard "Has she always had a murmur?" three times now, from three different vets. And the answer is no. So I have a new heart murmur, which happens in older dogs, as their hearts start to wear out. So long as I have no symptoms, its okay to watch and wait. Mum and Dad are making sure I don't overdo it with the exercise, and we'll take that one as it comes.

My nose is still getting gunky and I've just suffered through another lot of antibiotics. I'm getting good at finding tablets now, and Mum has to work hard to trick me. I've also learned the art of spitting out anything that could possibly have tablets in it. And Misty is always ready when something to eat hits the floor...

In November, I did try something different. I started drinking a lot, and weeing a lot. They checked lots of tests and its not diabetes and its not cushing's syndrome (where your kidneys don't know to put the salts out with the water) and its not anything else we've looked at. And, more importantly, its stopped again now. So we go back if it happens again, but for now its watch and wait.

I'm still doing my rehab program for walking and I'm up to 10 minutes in the underwater treadmill. I'm doing pretty good, given my age. I'll probably never do the 3km or 4km circuits again, but I can make it to the park and around our local block no worries. And my speed when a treat is on offer is truly spectacular.

Here are some recent photos of me relaxing in the front yard. Since my back surgery, I've had trouble rolling on the grass, but I've managed it now. I love rolling and having a tummy tickle. Here's Dad and me on the front lawn, having a sun bake. Now this is the life....