Monday, September 5, 2011

Twenty-One Month Check Up - 5th September 2011

Hi Everyone

I'm a bit sleepy tonight. It was my big check up - full mouth exam, Ultrasound of my belly (which is now a lovely smooth pink belly), chest x-ray and to top it off, knee exam while I was knocked out. Mum and dad dropped me off early and decided to wait (instead of driving the 45 mins home and 45mins back) . I was supposed to be out at 10.30am. They rang at 2pm - no results. They tried to wait patiently. Then they came back at 5pm and decided to wait in the waiting room.

And the results.... (drum roll please)....

ALL GOOD. Now you might remember right at the start they told my mum and dad that average survival was eighteen months. And now we're up to 21 months, which is pretty good. All those pesky lumps and bumps are all fatty lumps (labradors are prone and I've got the labrador gene). So now I don't have to go back for six months. Yippee.

I will leave you with a photo from the farm on the weekend. Spring has sprung (we woke to a very balmy ten degrees) and I spent Sunday morning enjoying the sunshine, while mum and dad worked on the fences, and Misty chewed up a tennis ball and watched for cows.

Off to bed for me.