Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Twenty-seven month Checkup - 5th March 2012

Yesterday I attended what can only be described as Dog-Nose-Cancer-Clinic and saw the fabulous Dr Rod, as well as all my friends in the hospital (waves to Susan and Kirsty on Reception) and everyone out the back. Everyone is very impressed with my three whiskers - all on one side and one of them is curly. Whereas once I had the Lone Whisker, now mum calls them the Three Muskateers.

Met a Golden Retriever who had a tumour removed from the back of his nose having his six monthly check (all good) and a really cute Golden Retriever puppy (16 weeks worth of wiggliness) who doesn't have cancer, but instead had a kidney that wasn't working (they took it out). And there was a sick poodle (snake bite while defending her babies) with tiny weeny puppies who exploded out of their carrier bag and ran riot in the waiting room. As fast as their human mum put them back in their carrier, they were off again in another direction. Both human mum and dog mum looked like they needed a break. (and my mum had a big cuddle of the black one).

It was the usual for me. No breakfast, which means big trip to Specialist Centre, then chest X-rays, ultrasounds, mouth exam and a fine needle aspirate of my new lumps and bumps. I tell you, I'm thinking that needle is not so fine. This time I went minus anaesthetic - I am pretty good at this now and they don't need to knock me out to get their pictures. But a little bit of local wouldn't go astray on the lumps.

And, drum roll!!!

ALL GOOD. The new lumps are fatty lumps (benign) and all my pictures and scans are normal. Next checkup - September 2012. Yippee.