Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Spinal Surgery Recovery

Hello from Solitary Confinement

Its not so bad in here, I only call it that to guilt Mum and Dad into giving me more treats. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Mum's job is weight control - I am not allowed to put any weight on because it will make it harder for me to get back to walking. Dad's job is entertainment and he's great at giving me treats if I ask nicely.

I'm doing well. I can walk on my own - the physio says some dogs can't do that. And I can toilet independently. So right now, I'm allowed a 3-5 min potter around the lawn on lead to toilet. If I'm on anything slippery, I need to have a towel under my belly to make sure I don't slip. And I have a series of standing exercises and stretches to do. Sometimes, I don't want to, and I go back to my crate without doing my exercises. Of course, if there were more treats on offer.....

Misty is still really confused about what's going on. She's not allowed anywhere near me in case she knocks me over. Here's some photos from Sunday - Mum says I need to have some sunshine and let me out on the grass. I had a bit of a roll around to scratch my scar.

Misty stayed with Dad - she's starting to be a good baby (at last). She's keeping Mum and Dad company when I can't and doing a great job.

I'll see you later. Off to have a sleep.

Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2013 - Spinal Surgery

Hi everyone

Well, I was supposed to have a good news update for a change but just before my last checkup, things went spectacularly wrong. I had a slip on the stairs and Mum and Dad had to rescue me. They put me to bed but over the next two days my walking went all wobbly and weak. So instead of a straight cancer check I had some scans on my spine as well.

Turns out I ruptured a disc in my back (maybe in the stair fall, but maybe before the fall and it caused the fall). So Dr Rod went and found Dr Wendy and Dr Tristram who operated on my spine to remove all of the ruptured disc and take the pressure off my spinal cord.

I'm three days post-op and I can walk to the toilet with my back legs supported, and I can do toilet by myself, both of which are positive signs. I have two weeks of crate rest planned then I get to start a rehab program.

The good news: I am still cancer free. I had a pesky lump removed a few months ago, which did turn out to be a single cancer, not related to my mouth. It was a silly thing on my back. Right now, there is no sign of the fibrosarcoma cancer in my mouth or in my chest xray and abdomen scans.

Here are some photos of my recent hospital visit. I staged a full-on hunger strike at the hospital and even a lunchbox full of mince, cheese and lamb puff didn't get it going for me. Eventually I gave in, and then they let me come home.

Wish me luck with the walking....