Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter - 5th April 2010

Hi Everyone

I am now five months post diagnosis and I'm really starting to enjoy life again. My nose is heaps better, as you'll see from the photo. Still regrowing my hair and I have one 1/4 inch long BLACK whisker. Mum says I look distinguished. I have started to play with my toys and also with Misty and life is getting back to normal.

We are just back from our Easter weekend away. Mum and Dad took us to the farm - although I am now calling it the Prison Farm. Dad built us a fence. A solid, escape-proof fence to stop young Misty from chasing cows/kangaroos/cars. She is such a naughty dog. Of course, if she is chasing, I need to provide moral support by chasing as well. Now all we can do is bark and warn the cows not to come near. Not fair!

Mum took us up the road to the Mt Lindsay Road, a long walk for little legs. Dad took us along the fence line where he has been clearing a tractor-wide path. There were lots of sniffs and things to explore. We didn't make it to the river this trip - the cows are down that end of the block so we didn't want to tempt fate by walking past them.

You'll see Misty's photo above. This is her watching Dad leave for work in the mornings. She does this every day, and if she hears Dad's car coming home, she stands up to wave hello. Now that she's been with us a while, she's really part of our pack. We have a cuddle together during the day (see photo above). Mum hadn't seen this before, so she decided to take our photo to show Dad. And you.


  1. Awwwww...... you and Misty are so cute Gromit. Lovely to see you doing so well. Lots of pats,
    E x

  2. Hi Eleni
    My black whisker is 1/2 inch now. I am so proud of it. It's my only one. Misty and I are trying to hit mum up for treats tonight. She's not coming to the party though. Woe is me.