Monday, March 7, 2011

Fifteen Month Checkup - 7th March 2011

Hi everyone

I am just back from my fifteen month checkup for my fibrosarcoma - I had an Xray of my chest and the vets had a look in my eye, which keeps weeping and a good look at my mouth.

And the good news, I got the all clear. Next appointment in six months time for an ultrasound and more Xrays. This doesn't mean no vet visits - I am still trying to figure out my knee, which blew up a few weeks ago, leaving me temporarily a three legged dog. I am now back walking and building it up again at physio. So I'll still be seeing my physio and my orthopaedic vet. But at least there's no cancer.

Sadly, my radiation vet Dr Valerie is returning to her home town in Canada, so this was my last visit with her. Farewell Dr Valerie - mum, dad, Misty and me all agree we could never have done it without you. While we're sad you're going, we think its great you'll be closer to your family. We hope we'll get to see you again some time.

Love Gromit


  1. Yay, good to see you are going well Gromit with the fibrosarcoma. though let's hope the knee gets into shape soon :)) lotsa pats.

    E x

  2. Hi Eleni

    Yesterday I walked all the way to our local vet to tell them the good news. Bit sore today, but not too sore that I can't keep an eye on the painters over the back fence. They are up on planks and I'm trying to make them fall off by barking at them. Misty too. He He.