Monday, June 2, 2014

Vale Gromit Gregory 11.10.2000-02.06.2014

It is with incredible sadness that we post here today.

Last week Gromit spiked a fever and was lethargic. Our local vet suspected a urinary tract infection and we started Gromit on antibiotics and took some bloods. On Friday, the bloods showed some liver enzyme elevation and we made an appointment to see the specialists on Monday.

Late Friday night, Gromit's condition deteriorated very quickly and we took her to the fabulous Brisbane Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Service, co-located with her specialist centre. She was admitted and received fabulous care from a team who had been with us all the way along Gromit's journey. Sadly, the combination of a liver abscess, resultant whole body infection and clotting problems proved too much and at 4.15am on June 2nd 2014 Gromit passed over the Rainbow Bridge, with her Mum and Dad at her side.

Gromit's family started this blog to share with others our experience of treating cancer in a dog - Gromit was fibrosarcoma free for four and a half years after her treatment - a happy, normal dog who liked Dentastix, swimming and going for walks. She dug holes and stole food from her doggy sister and loved to socialise. We would never have had the last four and a half years with Gromit without the fabulous work of Dr Rod Straw and the Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre. Not once have we ever regretted our decision to treat her.

Vale Gromit Gregory!
Gromit was the best dog a family could ever have.
We will miss you sweetheart.

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