Monday, February 8, 2010

Farewell the Lone Whisker

It had to happen. 

Mum and Dad did warn me that no matter how firmly attached The Lone Whisker seemed to be, its days were numbered. And on Saturday the unthinkable happened. No more whiskers! I do have a few lumps and bumps that might be new whiskers growing, but right now I am naked. 

We went to the farm on the weekend. Finally, after three long months, my chance to lie around in the sunshine and relax. But it wasn't to be. A big storm rolled in around lunchtime Saturday and it didn't stop raining all afternoon and all night. I was housebound. Forced to lie on my bed and sleep! Its a tough life but someone's gotta do it. Misty, as you can see, was determined to play in every puddle and spent a lot of time getting wet, and then getting dried off.

And you'll see from the photos, I've lost my bucket head. There's no more skin to lose, so I can't really do any more damage. I can't tell what's made me happiest -  losing the bucket, stopping the drugs, or getting some treats back.  Doesn't really matter.  My tail is wagging, and I intend to keep it that way.


  1. Gromit you're gorgeous with or without whiskers.

    Glad to hear your tail is wagging! Soon you will jumping in puddles with Misty.

  2. Eleni

    You do know how to make a girl feel good. Thank you.

    I did venture out into the rain, but I didn't want to have to do my hair again, so I went back inside. Mum thinks there is a tinge of red in the fluff that's growing back on my face. Oh my!