Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Second Check Up - 1st February 2010

Its four weeks since I finished my radiotherapy and I had my second check up today. Dr Rod is very happy with me - my nose is healing well, I am eating well and I am happy. So today he stopped all my pain medicines and tomorrow I stop my antibiotics. Happy Days.

Now, about the bucket head. Dr Rod said if I promised not to scratch, I could take it off. So we tried it for a few minutes. But then it itched. I couldn't help myself, I rubbed it on my mattress and off came some fur. On went the bucket. Mum and Dad have made a plan - if they are both home and one of them is shadowing me, I can take the horrible thing off.

Mum is calling me "The Lone Whisker", kind of like the Lone Ranger but different. Over the last two weeks every one of my whiskers on my nose bar one has fallen out. Dr Rod says they should grow back, but they might be curly whiskers instead of straight. Mum says so long as the hair grows back and the cancer is gone, she doesn't care what it looks like.

Dr Rod is so happy with me, I don't have to go back for a full month. Hopefully by then my nose will be fully healed.


  1. Ouch. An itch can drive you a little crazy though.

  2. Hey Danielle

    Tonight I scored 15 mins out before I blotted my copy book with some rubbing of my nose. Nearly all the bits that are going to fall off are gone. Please let the rest go quickly...


  3. Yes, it's so hard not to scratch the itch. At least you have some time without the bucket when mum and dad are around.

    Hopefully soon it will all be healed. Pats.

  4. Hey Eleni

    Yippee. I am bucket free unless mum and dad go out. The lone whisker is hanging in. Lots of tail wagging tonight.