Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First Check Up - Monday 18th January 2010

My first check up since the end of radiation didn't go exactly to plan....

On Saturday, I had this little itch. So I put my back paw up and started to scratch. And took a large piece of skin off my nose. The skin peels because of the radiation effects. Within 10 minutes, Mum and Dad put the horrible collar on. And it hasn't been off since.

So we went to the vet this morning. Dr Val and Dr Rod had a look and they were both happy with how my face looks. Except for the bit I scratched. 

I have to stay on my antibiotics and both pain killers for another two weeks and by then it should be much better. I'll let you in on a secret. I've figured out Mum hides my antibiotics in chicken skin and I've started spitting them out. But Mum and Dad are clever. Now I get minced meat balls twice a day and I haven't seen an antibiotic since the mince balls started.

Anyway, tonight my nose was really itchy and I figured out if I worked real hard, I could rub my nose on the side of my bed by bending up my plastic collar. Then there was much more skin missing. Mum heard the noise of the rubbing and came running but it was too late. So less than twelve hours after the check up  I had another trip to the vet - the Emergency Centre attached to the radiation centre. They checked my nose then fitted me with a bigger collar. There's no way I can bend this one now.

My photos were taken before my second trip to the vet. We won't be taking photos now until the wound heals a little. 

Mum is calling the new collar the "Calf Slicer" because I keep running into the backs of everyone's legs. As well as the doors, the walls and Misty.

I think its going to be a long two weeks.


  1. Oh gentle hugs Gromit. It's hard not to itch things well that are just itchy. Sorry you are feeling so miserable but you will get there. You have lots of love and support around you.

    E x

  2. Oh yes, a long two weeks. But itching is good, it means healing. Won't be long now....

  3. Oh, the itching would nearly drive you mad. Hope Mum and Dad are coping okay.

  4. Hi everyone

    Ooohhh the itch. Mum and Dad are doing lots of scratching but always in the wrong place. They're doing the top of my head and my ears and my back. Mum has promised me a big treat if I leave my nose alone until the next check up. I don't know if I'm going to make it.

    Thanks for all the good wishes.

    Love Gromit

  5. Sneaking in to say I had my bucket head off for a full five minutes today - the first time in a week. I went paddling in the swimming pool and Mum and Dad stuck with me the whole time. I didn't scratch once. Then we had fish and chips for tea and I scored some calamari. Life is looking up.

  6. Yay for bucket off for a little bit Gromit. And way to go on scoring some calamari. Yummy....