Friday, October 8, 2010

Crate Wars

At Chez Gromit we are currently undertaking a battle which shall be known as Crate Wars. You see, the crate only comes out when someone isn't well, and right now that's me. Although I'm not sick, I'm just recovering from my knee surgery. My crate, bought for my 2007 surgery and decorated with my special moon and stars doona cover, is in the garage on a non-slip mat until I'm allowed on the stairs.

I'm doing really well with my knee - walking and happy without any pain relief. I've just started physio and four times a day I get to go for a 5 minute lead walk, and do my bending and stretching exercises. I love getting out and about - there's only one problem - every time I get out of the crate, someone else gets in.

It seems Misty is a lover of all things crate, and despite the fact we don't both fit comfortably, she keeps hopping in with me. Sometimes I let her, and sometimes I bark and bark until Mum or Dad comes running.

Last night, we had a really big storm. I'll let you in on a little secret. I'm a bit scared of storms and I had to get Dad, then Mum to sit with me until I stopped shaking. And you know where Misty was? Fast asleep in MY crate.

The Great Crate War of 2010. Let the battle begin...


  1. Oh Gromit, having to share your crate while you are recovering. It just isn't fair as your look in the photo says. Looks like Misty does enjoy it or maybe it's because she worships the ground you walk on, or in this case, crate you sleep in. :))

    So glad to hear you are doing well.

  2. Hi Eleni

    Last night Mum got clever. She made a "cubbyhouse" crate by putting a sheet up and now Misty has her own "crate". She spends about 80% of her time there now, but she sill loves a cuddle up. This morning it is raining, and she went digging in the mud. Now Mum has the washer going....

    Love Gromit