Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me - 10 Years Young

Happy Birthday to Me....

Its my birthday, and I'm ten (in dog years), about seventy in human years. No wonder I sometimes feel a bit old.

Even though I'm stuck in the garage I'm still having a great day. I went to physio this morning, then dropped in at the local vet and saw Jacque and Jacqui who gave me lots of pats and little bits of lamb puff. Unfortunately we were too early to see Trish, but later in the day she sent me a lovely email, which made my tail wag. Everyone says I am walking fabulously, and they can't believe I'm only three and a half weeks post-op.

Its been raining today - torrential at times - a good day for a cuddle up in the crate. For dinner tonight Mum made bacon and egg burgers (Grandma and Grandpa McDonald had a snack bar when Mum was little, and Mum makes a pretty good burger), and then we had cake. Rich gooey chocolate cake. Yum. Mum did try for a photo, but really, can't I eat my cake in peace. (Yes I can because I kept running away from the camera)

Of course, now my belly's full and I'm feeling a bit sleepy. Might just go and have a nap.


  1. Hi Eleni

    Thanks. I do love a birthday. Today I went almost two blocks on my walk - before too long I'll be back to long walks. Yippee.