Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hervey Bay Holidays

October is holiday time at our place and we're just back from the fabulous Hervey Bay. Now, there was lots of discussions as to whether or not we could go this year because of the cruciate repair. Worst case scenario - a sore leg while we were away.

Mum and Dad decided to take the crate, and me and go anyway. Lindsey, my fabulous physio, said no beach or loose sand but keep up my walking and stretching exercises. So, off we went. Our holiday house was great - the crate was set up inside the lounge next to the TV, and there was an undercover area off the living area. And across the lane and down a bit was the cat rescue lady from the local rehoming centre - Hervey Bay Pet Warriors. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to visit the cat enclosure.

We had a routine while we were away - each morning Mum and Misty walked over to Aunty Allison's house, where Sienna the doberman lives for a play date. Dad and I stayed home, watched TV and ate Coco-Pops. Then we hung round till 4pm (and laid in the sun), when the off lead beach opened. Misty went for a walk and paddle while I stayed home, then Mum and Dad walked me over to see the beach. After five days of following this punishing schedule, Misty started to falter. And we thought a not-quite two year old labrador cross was unbreakable.

Our first day home, Misty still hasn't woken up properly, I haven't stopped smiling and Mum and Dad are checking their 2011 diaries to book for next year - a great holiday had by all.


  1. Oh don't you look nice and relaxed - what a spot to have a holiday.

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