Saturday, January 2, 2010

All about Gromit

I was born in October 2000, one of four pups born to a labrador cross mother at Peninsula Animal Aid north of Brisbane ( ) and at 12 weeks of age I was adopted into my pack. My early years were great - regular trips to the dog park, walks twice a day, trips to the beach and to the farm. I loved my new pack, especially when they took trips in the car. There was one other dog called Wallace and Mum and Dad.

In 2007, my carefree existence came to a temporary halt. A little bump on my rear was diagnosed as a melanoma. No worries though, Brisbane is home to the Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre, so in May 2007 I went in to have the melanoma removed. And everything was great again because my fabulous surgeon Dr Rod made sure all of my cancer was gone.

2007 was not a good year. In October I did my cruciate. So off to hospital I went to have it repaired. This leg gave me niggles all through 2007/8 but eventually came good as we welcomed 2009. I continued to have physio/hydrotherapy into 2009 and I loved going "swimming" on Mondays with my mum.

2009 was looking good health wise for me, but Wallace's arthritis and health was going downhill and we were all devastated when she went to dog heaven early one cold winter's morning. I was lonely without her, and later that Winter, mum and dad took me across to the RSPCA ( ) and with my help we recruited a new pack member, Misty.

Life was looking great again. It was hard getting used to a new pup, but we were surviving. Mum had enrolled Misty in dog lessons, Dad was making sure I had plenty of attention, taking me for trips to the farm and for long walks while Misty ran off her energy at the dog park (off limits for me since my cruciate troubles).

We celebrated my ninth birthday with a cake while Mum and Dad were on holidays. At the start of November, they went back to work and our routine went back to normal. On the 7th November, we went for a trip to the farm and everything was fine. On Monday, I was a bit off my food, which sometimes happens after a big weekend. Nothing unusual though.

But on Tuesday 10th November, everything changed.

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