Monday, January 11, 2010

Celebrating Adoption Day - 11th January 2010

Today is the ninth anniversary of joining my pack. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was born at the Peninsula Animal Aid and when Mum picked me up, it was my first trip in the car. And I was a little bit scared. And I did a big vomit. And ever since then Mum jokes they called me Gromit because it was the only word that rhymed with Vomit.

Anyway, to celebrate, Mum baked cupcakes and I visited our local vet with Mum and a plate of cupcakes to see my friends Jacqui and Jenny and Jennifer (Sorry Trisha, you missed out). Tonight, after dinner I even got to have a cupcake. Dad broke it up for me and helped clean up the icing (it was everywhere). 

I passed my golden rule of cupcakes on to Misty. Paper case OFF. As a stealer of food as a young pup I learnt this lesson the hard way, when Mum reached in and retrieved a half-swallowed cupcake - still in its paper case. Anyway, Misty thinks cupcakes are pretty good, and icing is a food from the gods.

Again there's no photo of me today. My mouth and nose are still sore and they tell me this is about as bad as it will get. Mum says if you look straight on at me, it looks like someone drew a sad clown mouth on my upper muzzle with pink lipstick. That's the burn.

But I am getting my "happy" back. Tonight on our walk I wanted to play to the sports field, and I've been eating all my food without having to be coaxed. So I think we've turned the corner and I'm starting to get better.

Fingers crossed it continues.


  1. Happy Adoption Day Gromit!!!

    And what a lovely treat with the cupcakes & that you enjoyed it.

  2. Hey Eleni

    Thanks for leaving a message. Cupcakes have great recovery properties. I feel better again today. Tonight I hit Mum up for treats, but she didn't really give me much. Maybe tomorrow - if I'm lucky.


  3. Happy Adoption Day. I hope you enjoyed the cake :)

  4. Hi Danielle

    I did enjoy the cake. Specially the icing. Cake makes me happy.