Tuesday, January 5, 2010

End of Radiation - dose #19 - 5/1/10

It's over...

Today was my last dose of radiation. The last few days have been a bit tough and yesterday I started a new pain killer on top of my anti-inflammatories. It made me really drowsy and I slept all night. I yawned my head off on my morning walk and dozed in the car on the way to the vet.

We had a celebratory spaghetti bolognaise at home tonight and I'm now nodding off again - my belly is full and my eyes are drooping.

Here's some photos of my nose. Dr Val says the effects of the radiation will get worse over the next week, and it will start to heal within 2-6 weeks. I might have no hair on my nose where the burn is, or the hair might grow back white. Doesn't really matter. So long as the cancer is gone.

And that last photo - that was on the weekend. Mum was keeping me company stretched out on an air mattress, doing a crossword and watching the cricket. She went to get a coffee, and when she got back, Minty Bear and I were also watching the cricket. One of the good things about being sick - no-one goes mad if you lie on the bed.

I'm looking forward to a few quite days, although I'll miss all my new friends at the vet. I'm due back for a check in two weeks, or sooner if I'm not well.


  1. Awww Gromit. You're a good looking pooch, and I'm sure white will only give you an aire of maturity ;)

    Glad to hear you are recovering, 'cause I know your Mum will have been very worried.

  2. Oh, Gromit, hope you get better soon! I'm sure you'll make a full recovery. Give mum a big lick because I think she needs it :-)

  3. Gromit - well the going back to forth is now over. Keep recovering well & get all the treats now while you still can.

    And I agree with Anita - you are a fine looking pooch. Rest up and get well. Lots of pats.

  4. Hi everyone

    Thanks for the good wishes. I feel better today - nose looks worse, but the pain killers are fabulous and I even asked for more food at dinner. And thanks for saying I'm fine looking. I've always had a bit of a greyhound nose and now I've had a "nose job" its more german shepherd perhaps.