Saturday, January 2, 2010

Biopsy Day - 11th November 2009

As instructed, I headed off with Dad to the vet on Wednesday the 11th November, having been fasted overnight. I was given an anaesthetic and the lump was removed level with my gum line and the wound cauterised. The lump bit was sent to pathology for testing.

Mum and Dad collected me and we went home to Misty. Because it was her first experience of me being sick, I was in the kitchen for the first few hours until I woke up a bit. Misty wanted to keep me company, and didn't leave my side (that's her in the purple collar). She's a great little sister.

All our favourites were on duty at the vet again. Mum sensed something was really wrong when we were suggested to make an appointment with the Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre, before the pathology came back. So mum emailed Dr Rod the photos of the lump, and we made an appointment for Monday 16th November.

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