Saturday, January 2, 2010

Radiation Days #2-5 - 8th-11th December

We are getting into a routine.

We are still walking first thing, but no breakfast. Mum is doing the drop-offs before work, Dad stays home and feeds Misty after I leave for the day. She gets a big ice cube with some frozen steak in the centre - keeps her busy for many hours, so she doesn't dig up as many things when she's by herself (she really is naughty some days).

Meanwhile, I am reclining with my Minty Bear (my green teddy bear, sorry I don't have a photo) in air-conditioned comfort awaiting my trip to the radiation room. They give me an anaesthetic, do my treatment, wake me up, then return me to my bed to sleep until Mum comes back after work. I run out to greet her and then we hop in the car.

Dad goes straight home and walks Misty, and gets the dinners ready.  Mum drives in, and as soon as I get out of the car, my dinner is ready for me. Which is good, because I am not allowed to eat before I go. So I am very hungry when I get home.

I have no effects visible from the radiation as yet, and I am no different to normal. The anaesthetic is knocking me round a bit, but I'm ok. Just sleepy. Mum thinks this is because instead of sleeping 20 hours a day, I am busy sticky beaking at what everyone else is doing at the Vet Hospital.

Five days down, fourteen to go.

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