Sunday, January 3, 2010

Merry Christmas - 25th December 2009

I love Christmas normally. Lots of treats for everyone, our pack heads down to the farm and I get to lie round in the paddock being a dog.

But this Christmas is different.

Late last night, the Mum and Dad found the first breakdown of the skin on my nose. It's down the side of my wet black nose tip and it looks like a blister. I'm given strict instructions not to touch it, paw it or rub it, and being a dog I ignore these. So Mum and Dad keep me pretty close by.

Our pack has a quiet Christmas - ham and eggs for breakfast, and a cold feast mid afternoon for lunch/dinner. After breakfast we unwrap our presents. My Auntie Allison sent me (I mean us, sorry Misty) dog treats and my Auntie Rachel sent us a fabulous-looking set of dog biscuits. I say fabulous-looking because despite my begging, I'm still not allowed to chew and they are not opened. NOT HAPPY.

Mum and Dad bought me a 500g bag of lamb puff (which can be crushed and sprinkled on my food) and a stuffed dog that barks "We wish you a Merry Christmas." Misty gets a flashing light to attach to her collar for the farm - no more disappearing into the dark. She begs for some of the dog treats as well, but Mum stays firm. They are going into the cupboard until this is all over.

I have a four day break from radiation because of the public holidays. It's nice to not get in the car everyday. And its pouring with rain - perfect for lying around the house doing nothing.  My muzzle is worse now and my whole top lip looks burnt. Mum and Dad resort to hand feeding me and the custard meant for the Christmas pudding is diverted to me. (No brandy in it either - Mum bought plain just in case).

On Monday, Mum walks Misty to the off lead dog park for a run. Dad and I go down to Wynnum for a walk along the beach. It's great getting out into the fresh air, and I feel ready to face the week ahead. 

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