Sunday, January 3, 2010

Radiation Days #11-#14 - 21-24th December 2009

The week did not start well.

All Sunday, Misty had been annoying me, trying to sniff my mouth. Mum thought I might have a burn so she mentioned it when we arrived at the vet on Monday.

When she came to pick me up, her suspicions were confirmed. Dr Val says in her experience there are two types of dogs - "burners" and "not burners". I am a "burner" which means I will show all the obvious signs of radiation burns, and it has started. There is nothing on the outside, just redness on the inside of my mouth.

So I came home with 60 horse-sized pink antibiotic tablets, enough for a whole month. There were so many they came with their own carry bag!! I am to have one twice a day, and if I seem to be in pain I can have Metacam, the anti-inflammatory as well. Mum draws up a chart to cross off when the doses are given so we don't forget, or accidently double up. 

My Mum and Dad are pretty tricky. They don't come at me waving the pink tablet. One of them offers me a bundle of BBQ chicken skin, and knowing this is a rare treat, I snap it up. I rarely chew such special treats, so the tablet slides right down no worries. I haven't managed to spit one back yet. 

Before I know it, it's Christmas Eve. Mum drops me off but I get a special treat coming home - Dad picks me up and we have time for a quick walk with Misty before Mum and Dad head to their family Christmas Eve celebrations.

The antibiotics and the anti-inflammatories upset my tummy a little, but I'm still looking forward to my Christmas treats. If I'm lucky Mum and Dad will sneak something for me into a doggy bag tonight.

Merry Christmas everybody. 

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