Saturday, January 2, 2010

Radiation Day #1 - 7th December 2009

Another early start, and no breakfast. We have an early morning appointment, and will progress to radiotherapy from there.

At this stage, Mum and Dad are saying yes, providing I won't go blind, or lose my ability to do all the things a dog loves, like eating, walking, tail wagging, playing. They know I might have some temporary symptoms, but will recover.

We sit down with Dr Rod and Dr Val, our radiation specialist. They listen to our concerns and talk through them. They show us photos of their star patient Laban (forgive my spelling if its wrong) - a black lab who had radiation on his nose. Not quite the same place as me, but close. They show us a series of photos. At the start it isn't too bad. By the end, Mum is crying and Dad looks shell shocked. Maybe my nose will look like that. Maybe it won't. 7 months post radiation, Laban is healed, happy and being a dog. He played all during treatment.

Mum and Dad have another talk and decide to go ahead. I leave with Dr Val and my teddy bear to have my planning session and then to start radiation.

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