Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hospital Trip -19th/20th November 2009

Thursday the 19th... Radical surgery day.

No breakfast again today. I am admitted early, given an abdominal ultrasound, chest xray and a CT scan of my upper jaw to see where the fibrosarcoma has grown. Then off to surgery for a premaxillectomy. I stay in overnight and they treat me like a queen.

Dr Rod has taken the tumour from the inside, so there are no cuts in my skin, they didn't even need to shave my muzzle. I feel different, but I'm not sure if I look different. Mum and Dad ring and the nurses say hi to me from them.

On Friday the 20th, I am discharged home. Mum and Dad are so happy to see me. I have a pain-relieving patch on my leg, and I will be having some Metacam each day as an anti-inflammatory.

If you look at the photos, you wouldn't even know I'd had the operation. 

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