Saturday, January 2, 2010

Post surgery - 21st-26th November 2009

This is the life....

I can only have soft and smooth food, so Mum has been cooking me scrambled eggs, chopping up barbeque chickens, making tiny meatballs and opening custard cups for me.  And because my mouth is sore, I need to be hand-fed. OK, so maybe I don't need to be hand-fed, but it is heaps easier (sometimes things don't go into my mouth as planned). I am eating dog bikkies, but Mum has to soak them to soften them up. 

The only down side - no chews!!! No rawhide or bones or Dentastix. Now, I am a clever dog, and I know the way to get a treat - you shake hands, listen carefully to instructions (sit...down...) and do what you're asked. 

But... nothing is working. I've offered up my paw so many times, and Mum keeps saying "No sweetie, you can't have one." Misty is also trying very hard to get treats - remember she is at dog lessons. Well she has learnt sit and down and shake and is trying hard on my behalf. But Mum stays firm. No-one gets a treat.

Gee I hope everything goes OK at my check-up and I get my treats back.

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