Saturday, January 2, 2010

Diagnosis Day - 10th November 2009

Tuesday started off the same as every other work day. Mum does the early morning walk and breakfasts, then gets in the shower to head off to work. I wasn't all that hungry (sometimes I can be fussy with my food) and mum hid my bowl from Misty, and headed off to get ready for work. It was while Mum was in the shower that Dad checked my mouth.

And found something growing. Dad said it was an ulcer, but Mum said it looked like a cancer. They took some photos and Mum said she would ring the vet as soon as they opened.

Email is great. They emailed the photos to the vet and when Mum rang, we had an appointment for after work. 

Now, I have a great relationship with the vet, so I love going up there. My favourite vet and vet nurses were on, so I stopped for pats before the consult. The vet took one look and said "This is bad." Plans were made to cut it out, and when we went back to reception we were already pencilled in for surgery on Wednesday (the next day). That's when it sunk in for Mum. 

This is bad.

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